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How to learn Eb clarinet

(Summary description)

How to learn Eb clarinet

(Summary description)


In fact, among all kinds of musical instruments, Eb clarinet has lower requirements for learners' innate conditions. As a wind instrument, Eb clarinet does not require certain "child skills" like string instruments and pianos, that is, the flexibility of the fingers decreases in adulthood and the plasticity is reduced, which is not conducive to practice, and unlike most other wind instruments, it has a higher lung capacity. High demands.

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The vital capacity of Eb clarinet is not only smaller than that of brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones, or large wood pipes such as bassoon (big pipes), and even due to factors such as the shape of the playing mouth, it consumes less air than woodwind instruments such as flutes. The whole mouthpiece, so the breath utilization rate is lower than Eb clarinet). For this reason, Eb clarinet is suitable for children to start after the tooth replacement, and later learners of any age group, regardless of men, women, young and old, can easily experience the fun of learning Eb clarinet. In fact, as long as the cardiopulmonary function is normal and the upper teeth are basically neat (the lower teeth are covered by the lower lip when playing, it has little effect), it is suitable to learn Eb clarinet!
Start learning any musical instrument, even as a hobby, you should hire a tutor or take a class, Eb clarinet learning is no exception. Due to the huge differences in the teaching situation of Eb clarinet in various places, in principle, teachers with rich experience in teaching Eb clarinet and who are good at playing should be hired. Relatively speaking, they will be better than teachers who teach a variety of musical instruments. However, teachers who work in professional colleges or Players are usually good at saxophone teaching besides Eb clarinet.


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