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LKAS-316 Archaize Sax

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The change in pitch of Archaize SAX is achieved by changing the length of the air column through the sound holes on the side of the opening and closing tube. Pitch is also affected by the size of the hole and the height of the pad or finger on the hole from the hole. From an acoustical point of view, the opening and closing of a series of holes in Archaize SAX also affects the pitch. Closing the adjacent hole below the hole will produce a pitch about half a note lower than if the adjacent hole was not closed. If one of the following series of sound holes is closed separately in sequence, the effect decreases in sequence. With this in mind, we can use fingering variations to keep the intonation stable when playing Archaize Sax.

In addition, we can adjust the height of the Archaize SAX cushion to improve the intonation of the instrument. If the tone is high, we can precorrect it by lowering the hole pad or pad. Overexerting the fingers can throw the Archaize Sax out of balance, resulting in an unstable state of the reed between the lips, causing the reed to press suddenly against or away from the lower lip, which can also affect intonation. This is very easy to happen in beginners or players with high fingers and tense hands. This is like shooting a gun without a focus, must not be able to play, usually unstable must be on the low pitch, especially in the high-pitched area.

Generally, silver-plated Archaize sax metal flute heads are more difficult to vibrate than bakelite ones, thicker pipe walls are more difficult to vibrate than thinner ones, and larger seals are more difficult to control than smaller ones. But in turn, the whistle thin intonation is difficult to control accurately, high pitch is difficult to go up, so. Thickness, softness and hardness of Archaize SAX whistle and the choice of flute head all directly affect the intonation. As French and American reels are more abundant than domestic reels, there are not only various types of reels, but also those suitable for different playing styles, such as pure classical, popular, popular jazz and pure jazz, such as No. 2, No. 21/2, No. 3, No. 31/3 and No. 4, etc., which are more abundant. Therefore, more people choose French and American reels.

Archaize SAX rhythm and beat control is directly related to the performance effect of the song. Rhythm is the pulse of the music, the rhythm of the racket is not equal to what we call, "beat" and "rhythm", there are both connection and difference between the beat is fixed on the music spectrum, said the strength of the basic relationship, and rhythm and people life, behavior, action have close relations, more sense of rhythm, is the need to use heart to feel.

Some Archaize SAX practitioners do not relax their knuckles, raise their fingers too high, press the key too slowly, exert too much force and have uneven forces. So the fingers run too slowly, lack flexibility or lack granularity and expressiveness when playing faster notes.

One more thing to mention about the fingers in Archaize SAX performance is that the movement of the fingers should be flexible, and the phenomenon of rigid fingers, excessive pinch of keys or finger collapse should be avoided. When pressing the key, pay attention to the strength of the finger falling, falling moment to relax, do not pinch the key. In the operation of the finger, the change of the finger should be clean and granular.

Archaize sax is one of the main products of Jinming Musical Instrument with good price and quality, factory direct sales. Our company is a professional supplier and manufacturer in China, with various products on sale and low price.

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We mainly produce flutes, clarinets, piccolos, horns, trombones, saxophones and relevant accessories.
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